What People Are Saying About Hardrock Cycle Park


I was at your track today and had a blast!!! It was the first time i have had to get my raptor off road and what a surprise of what it could do.  It was a 2 hour drive to get to your place and it was well worth it.  

Thank you very much!!!

Al Faman

Just went there today and wanted to let you know I think the place is amazing! There is so many options of different riding! I laughed my butt off when I saw the Freestyle section! The Main track was pretty cool, especially when it's the first hills I have seen in this state LOL!  All in all a great place! I don't know how you guys do but I know if you had that place in New York you guys would be millionaires!!  Anyway I will be back again before I head back to NY! Thanks!

New York

The best place I've ever been. Can't wait to come back !! This place is a 10 !!!!!!!

Kenneth Harrell
New Port Richey, Florida

A couple of friends and myself have been to your facility 3 times within the past 2 months and have really enjoyed the experience.  Every time we go, the ride home to Apopka usually at least once during conversation brings up the fact of how much fun we had and when we can plan the next outting to Hard Rock.  We recently got back from a trip to Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point, GA and were very depressed about the lack of fun Florida riding areas until we found your place shortly after we returned.  Just wanted to say keep up the good work, we'll definitely be back soon and also thanks for the great times we have at Hard Rock.

Mark Kaminsky

Well it's official, Hardrock Cycle Park kicks #%& in Florida!!!!  I've been driving around Florida looking for a few new places to ride lately (since I have some free time on my hands) and everywhere I have been is just the pits!!!  Really.  Every time I go somewhere I end up talking to the guy that usually goes with me (Scott Baker) and he and I end up saying something like "This would be better if it were more this or less that.....you know, like Hardrock".  Truthfully, in the past 3 weeks I've visited some 5 privately owned tracks and made a trip down to Croom and every time I get to one of these tracks and ride for an hour I start thinking "Man I should have just went to Hardrock where I know that I would have had an awesome time" but I stay for a while anyways hoping that it will grow on me.  As of yet none have!!!!  Well, Croom grew on me (like a fungus) but that's another story.

Mrs. Knox I want to give you and Mr. Knox a personal thank you for owning and up keeping the very best track/tracks in all of Florida.  I'm not a professional rider by any means but I know what good track looks like and I know good people when I speak to them and every time I have been to your establishment I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  So far Hardrock Cycle Park is the only place that I have told people that they just have to go to ride (because there is so much to do...even for the little ones) and I can't imagine telling anyone that they should go anywhere else.  So, even though it's a little bit of a haul from Lake City to get to you guys I've got to tell you that I appreciate everything you all do to make Hardrock what it is!!!!  I will keep on coming there to ride (unless that dam water tower jump gets me) and if I'm not there riding I will still come just for the sound of the bikes, the smell of the oil and the allure of what is Hardrock Cycle Park!!!!  


Steve Ashe
Lake City, Florida

We were down there last week visiting from Minnesota, and we had a great time at your track.  I myself (mom) loved the trails.  My guys loved the tracks.  It was a great time to come riding down there and hope we can do it again sometime!  Your tracks were some of the best riding we have ever done!  I wish we had a place close to home like yours. 

Thanks again for the great riding!

Brett, Patti, Joe, Josh Pirkola of Pirkola Racing.